Monday, October 3, 2011

The Wickeds

Do you have "the wickeds"? With Halloween coming, it is probably easy to imagine what "the wickeds" are!  But it's not that easy, my friends. I overheard Little Lilly Polka Dot the other day telling her friend Chippie that she has "the wickeds". She explained why she had them and how she got them. I'm thinking, oh my gosh, is this a new childhood disease that I don't know about that was diagnosed by the school nurse? Nah, I thought to myself, it's just her imagination running wild- AGAIN!! And so later on in the day I asked  about her "wickeds". She tells me(and this is really good so pay attention)- "Well mommy I heard you and daddy arguing the other day and he said you were wicked. So when I argued with you the day I played with Chippie, I thought you would tell me I had the 'wickeds' too. And I think I got them from you so now you and I both have them". Well, I just about fell off my chair laughing. How cute are kids?  They always come up with a funny twist when they interpret things in their own special way. Let me know what funny stories you have about your conversations with your kids!!

Love, Wendy 
and OH YES have a happy polka dotted day!!


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Found your site from mom bloggers club. New follower. You have a super cute site!

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