Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lost in Polka Dot Land

Hello friends! Wow the days have gotten away from me. I have been immersed in books having to do with social media campaigning and trying to figure how to do a better job at it!! I'm on information overload!! And I know that I have promised a new story with illustrations soon, very soon!! Please do take your little ones to the Little Lilly Polka Dot website. They'll love it! ( It's loads of fun with animation, a game, learning tools, activities and a narrated version of the book Little Lilly's Polka Dot World!  I sorely need some feedback so I can continue to be enthusiastic about the Little Lilly project I have undertaken!! So thank you all for comments!!

Anyway.....I'd really really like some ideas from someone...(anyone) about the direction of my blog and how I can help you be a better mom by developing Little Lilly Polka Dot as  a good character for your kids to be entertained and educated by!! And I do incorporate good values!! They are so important. Also... do you have any ideas for products other than books??

Anyway  it's late and time to get some sleep!! Here are a couple more pages of the book.......

Kisses to the little ones!! May they have sweet dreams!!

xo- Wendy


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